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DickWysong Memorial Fund

Camp Westwind was one of Dick Wysong's favorite places on Earth.

For over 50 years, Dick Wysong was involved with Camp Westwind.  He was a longtime supporter of the YWCA and then the Westwind Stewardship Group, volunteered much time to the camp, enlisted many people to also volunteer, and organized two long-running groups to have events at the camp.

For more than 20 years, Dick took his engineering students from Portland Community College to Westwind for a week in the Spring to learn land surveying and do service projects for the camp, but most of all to teach them teamwork and cooperation, and build esprit de corps.

Also, every Labor Day weekend since 1964, a group of about 150 friends of the Wysong family has gathered at Westwind.  This annual reunion is a highlight of the summer for many families, and some are now in their third or fourth generation of participating.

Dick passed away at the age of 93 on March 12, 2020.  He was very much loved by many people.  

We feel that a donation to Westwind’s Emergency Recovery Fund is a fitting and wonderful way to honor Dick’s memory.   Dick would want the Westwind legacy to continue always, so that others may also enjoy the peace, solace, and inspiration that he found in this special place.

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